Holiday Drinks

Winter and the holidays have long been synonymous with things like warm drinks and sitting inside. Sipping on a warm cup of coffee while you watch the snowfall or some similar scene is a pretty standard holiday situation, however in recent years things have gotten a bit more specific to the holidays. While the pumpkin spice latte may be the talk of the town during fall and the object of both adoration and derision, winter and the holidays means much more variety when it comes to coffee drinks.

Two cups of fresh hot cocoa or hot chocolate on wooden christmas background, top view

The Eggnog Latte

The eggnog latte is the holiday drink that really brings together a lot of the holidays into one cup. The creaminess of eggnog and the typical coffee flavors gives you a heavy but invigorating drink to enjoy whether you are out walking around in the cold or huddled up by the fire. The main issue with the eggnog latte though is that the creaminess does come with more than a few calories which can really start to add up and are definitely not a part of a balanced diet. While the holidays are a time for treating yourself to a point, if you are trying to come out of it with the same waistline as you came in, you may want to make the egg nog latte a seldom indulgence.

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The Peppermint Latte

The peppermint latte on the other hand embraces the briskness of the outdoors and gives your latte a minty kick that is reminiscent of this chilly time of year. Perfect for when you’re doing your last minute shopping and need a minty pep in your step until the caffeine kicks in. While the flavors of coffee and mint might not be for everyone, the creaminess of some steamed milk does a great job of mellowing out the two and marrying the flavors well. While it isn’t the latte you want every day of the year, as a seasonal option it is no slouch.

Homemade Irish Coffee with Whiskey and Whipped Cream

Irish Coffee

The last major player for seasonal hot drinks is the easy addition of a bit of whiskey to your regular old coffee. Any sort of alcoholic coffee beverage seems to become more popular during the holidays and winter months, but Irish coffee certainly is the favorite. The warmth from the whiskey and the actual warmth from the coffee is the perfect way to steel yourself against the bitter cold outside. While it certainly isn’t a morning drink like the others are, it is a great after dinner drink or holiday party drink.

The holidays, and winter in general is a time of year when we want to just stay bundled up and drink steaming to beverages, whether inside or out. This season make sure to give these a try if you haven’t for a while, as they won’t come around for another year if you miss out. If you are a new coffee drinking you might just find a new favorite, or if you have been drinking it for years you’ll welcome an old favorite into your hands.

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