The Rise Of Cold Brews

Over the past few years there has been a serious trend coming on in the world, but most notably in the U.S. when it comes to coffee at least. That trend is cold coffees. When many people first heard the idea of cold coffee they immediately thought of those last cold dregs of the pot or the cold last half of a cup of coffee that has been forgotten about. Cold coffee that was brewed hot and has been allowed to cool down over time is going to be bitter and unappetizing. We’ve all tried to swallow that last bit of coffee just for that extra kick of caffeine, but that cold coffee is something entirely different from the type of coffee more and more people are sipping on.

Iced Coffee

Ice coffee top view on wood background

Iced coffee started as something very similar to hot coffee. It was coffee that was quickly cooled down then maybe strengthened and poured over ice. Some coffee shops used ice cubs with coffee instead of water to make sure that the coffee wouldn’t get watered down, but overall the concept was the same. Make hot coffee as cold as possible and it went off pretty great. The summer hit and people loved it as a refreshing switch.

Cold Brew Coffee

After a bit cold brews came around. This is where most people are now when it comes to cold coffee and the great part is that if you want you can make it at home. If your cold coffee addiction is maxing out your credit card, then you can pick up a french press and a good grinder and you’ll be saving money in no time. Unlike fancier espresso drinks a cold brew doesn’t really need any fancy equipment. When understanding how to make cold brew coffee just think of it like how you make iced teas as opposed to hot tea. You use cold water and more time is necessary.

Cold brew coffee is so popular because in some ways it taste better than hot coffee to a few. A lot of the bitterness that people associate with hot coffee is not absorbed from the bean and so a smoother more flavorful brew comes out. Because of the extra time the ground coffee gets in the water, cold brew coffee also has a fair bit more caffeine than a similar amount of hot coffee.

Nitro Cold Brews

Fresh from the tap nitrous infused dark rich nitro black coffee in a glass jar java creamy beautiful froth foam head lifestyle decor with roasted beans on a rustic reclaimed wood wooden table background

Nitro cold brews is the current trend, but if you haven’t tried cold brew yet you may want to try that to find out how you like it. Nitro cold brews, like the beers that have also become popular, have a bit of nitrogen gas put into them to give them a creaminess like the signature of Guinness. In my opinion the nitro cold brew tastes unlike any other beverage really. It is in a field of its own, despite carrying a lot of flavors over from coffee. Even if someone isn’t a coffee drink though, they may love a refreshing creamy nitro cold brew, while a coffee lover might not. Nitro cold brews, as opposed to regular cold brews, are not going to be something you brew yourself every few days to save money. You do need a bit of special equipment, so maybe keep them as a treat for yourself.

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