Garage Door Cleaning

Your garage door is an important part of the exterior of your home. When any part of your home gets a bit dirty or goes into disrepair it can become apparent to outsiders and yourself pretty easily. When your garage starts looking less like it’s glorious and clean new self you might start to regret your choice or simply your choice of color for the garage door. However, there are some easy and pretty cheap ways to clean your garage door when it gets to the point when you are tempted to leave your door open just so that you don’t have to see a dirty door.

Cleaning your garage door is an easy and cheap way to revitalize the exterior look of your home with a focus on your garage. Depending on the material your garage door is made out of is going to decide what type of method you clean the door with, but for the most part the easiest way to get it done is with a power washer. The pressure of a power washer can make quick work of the weathering that garage doors usually have to deal with. Unless your paint job is peeling you should be able to get away with just power washing the entirety of the door in one quick pass and see the dirt and stains wash away.

Before blasting the door with water and any cleaning solution you should take a look to make sure that the door can withstand that kind of treatment beforehand. If you have any garage door repairs that need to be done it is best to take care of them first, otherwise you might realize after the fact that you did damage by getting water into an already failing mechanism somewhere. Any garage door panels that need a garage door service also will not be helped by power washing if they are damaged to the point of scratches or dents that could possibly rust if they are metal or rot if they are wood. Getting a handle on any repairs before going ahead with a power wash is a good idea to make sure you aren’t doing any damage with your good intentions. A simple way to check is just to take a look for dents and or scratches on the surface of both sides of your garage door.

A clean garage door can turn your garage from an eye sore into a great accent to the rest of your home. When properly thought out your garage door can serve as a great break from the monotony that the exterior of a home can give you if you aren’t careful. Any change in colors and trim or other decorations can add a small pop of color that can bring out some great looks for your home. When those colors and different patterns, like are common for garage door panels, are covered up by the stains of rain and general dust and grime the garage door really loses its appeal and doesn’t do the job of making your home more appealing that it used to.

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